Respect to Health

Since its establishment with great dedication and effort in 1975, the first and the most important goal of our company has been contributing to public health and the pharmaceutical industry. We have always endeavoured to achieve the better and the favourable by using the strength taken from our sector for the benefit of the sector. Our mission as Drogsan Pharmaceuticals, is being a leading organization, which keeps its priority on human health, its efficiency and effectiveness at the top level, grows with continuous improvement, operates under moral and ethical values, and whose employees are proud to be a part of. We institutionalized our production and service infrastructure, with our vision to be a pharmaceutical company that is well-known, esteemed, followed and permanent on both local and international platforms.

As a company that works for creating value in health, we are conscious of fulfilling our duties and responsibilities against our public, physicians, pharmacists, customers, suppliers and employees at our best in all circumstances. We aim to be an institution following the latest developments in the health sector which has been changing at a dizzying speed, adapting to the innovations, and converting this process of change into a build-up and growth energy.

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