Suavinex was founded in 1983. In a particular space and time sufficient matter and energy came together to create a project that would end up revolutionising the baby care sector. Today, we have become the first company to turn our soothers, bottles and soother clips into genuine fashion accessories for babies.
Just like the major textile companies, each year Suavinex launches several collections of its basics. The hard work of our team has resulted in a unique set of products: collections, ranges and limited editions in which design plays a fundamental role. Being a baby nowadays means being able to combine accessories in the same way adults do, and a simple accessory can be a mark of distinction, a little luxury. This is why Suavinex offers LITTLE LUXURIES.But at Suavinex we not only offer you bottle feeding products, soothers and related accessories; we also work to make life easier for you and your baby. We help by bringing you products related to breastfeeding, sterilising and cleansing, teething and psychomotor development, baby hygiene, baby and toddler tableware, a textil range, as well as a wide range of body treatments for expecting and new mums as well as babies.

What do we most believe in?

Manufactured with lots of love and care, we believe in each of the items we produce. We are experts in helping you to enjoy a calm and peaceful parenthood, developing healthy, innovative solutions to meet your baby's needs.
Quality is a major part of all our products because we know that when you are a parent you enter another dimension, where there is nothing in the world that is more important than your baby, and because our purpose is to guarantee and help ensure your baby's well-being and with it your happiness. We are certified by Aenor according to UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 and we are members of the European Committee for Child Use and Care Articles, the body in charge of drawing up the regulations on child care products. Because the quality of our products means peace of mind for parents, your trust in our brand is our greatest commendation.We can say loud and clear that “you can trust us!”

Listening to people

Because we want to be a responsible company, Suavinex makes a constant effort to implement and develop actions that benefit those around us. We contribute to various child-related Non Governmental Organisations. Through these organisations we send products to babies and underprivileged families, both within our own borders and internationally.

We are also aware of the costs that a multiple birth involves for the family, and we help parents of twins or even triplets by sending samples.We promote the employment of disabled people by hiring them at our facilities, working in collaboration with the Alicante Association for the Mentally Handicapped (APSA). Suavinex also maintains good communication both within the company and outside it. Our research programmes are carried out in close collaboration with our suppliers, external collaborators, technological institutes and universities. Midwives, paediatric and neonatal nurses and pharmacists are some of the people whose support we rely on, so their recommendations are always welcome.

We believe in team work and in active listening to all those who have something to contribute, so we keep our eyes and ears wide open!
But it is not just those who prescribe our products that are important; we are also interested in the opinion of parents... after all, our products are for your baby!—

OUR products

All Rubber Natural +6 mons

Green Hygge Liquid 500 ml Thermos

Pink Hygge Silicone Spoon

Green Hygge Silicone Spoon

Pink Hygge Milk Powder container

Green Hygge Milk Powder container

Evolution Anatomical Soother Green Whiskers 6-18 mons

Evolution Anatomical Soother Grey Rabbit 6-18 mons

Hygge Gift Set Pink

Pink Hygge Brush/ Comb Set

Green Hygge Brush/ Comb Set

Hygge Bathing Thermometer Pink